“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Principal’s Message
  • 3 R’s Cup
  • Classroom Awards
  • Assembly
  • Livestock Day
  • Breakfast Club
  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Lost Property
  • Trophies to be Returned
  • Our Learners Creative Displays
  • New Enrolments

Upcoming Dates

  • 28th October – Labour Day
  • 29th October  – School Photos
  • 4th November – School Zoo Trip
  • 7th November – PTA Disco
  • 15th November – Interschool Athletics at Tauhei
  • 5th December – Year 6 Orientation at MIS
  • 18th December – End of Year Prizegiving
  • 19th December – Last Day of Term 4

Principal’s Message

Dear parents, families and whanau,

Kia ora kautou,

Welcome to Term 4 where all our learners have come back to school with positive attitudes towards their learning and are already displaying our Three R’s. We look forward to a very busy last term of the year and hopefully sunny and warmer days during this term.

On Wednesday the 16thof October we had our annual Livestock Day. It was a huge success!

I’d like to thank the children and families who entered a goat. The work put in by the children paid off on the day and it was fantastic to see them all with their goat being proud. A thankyou to Angela Wainwright for her organising and running of our successful event. Thanks to Michelle Evans with running the PTA food stall and raffles and the parents who helped her out with this. The baking that was produced was outstanding and your contribution to supporting our school is immense. Our teachers did a great job with our learners who made sand saucers, flower arrangements, vegetable creations and farms. Top job to all our learners who participated in these activities and displayed their artistic sides. Thanks to ASB for providing helpers with the bbq and overall a big thank you to everyone who supported and helped in some way to make the day memorable. I was very proud to continue the tradition of a school livestock day at our school.

The 3R’s Cup Winner

Week 10: Daisy Manuel

Congratulations to Daisy, our cup holder for Week 10 (Term 3) who has displayed Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. Thank you for displaying our 3 values.

Classroom Awards to Date

Week 10: Rm 1 – William Hughes, Rm 2 – Tegan Conn.

Super effort by all of you and keep up the great work!


Our next assembly is Friday the 25th October. We really appreciate the support shown for our learners at assemblies.

Livestock Day

Congratulations to our learners that reared an animal for our Livestock Day. This year they were all goats!

William Hughes and Billy

Chase Hooker and Shadow

Savannah Hooker and Shya

Charlotte Bigham and Skid

Taize Hooker and Lightning

and our pre schooler Skyliah with Commy.

Most Obvious Pet: 1st Taize, 2nd Savannah, 3rd William

Leading: 1st Savannah, 2nd William, 3rd Chase

Rearing: 1st Savannah, 2nd William, 3rd Chase

The Most Obvious Pet Trophy was awarded to Taize and the overall Champion Kid (goat) went to Savannah – congratulations!

Breakfast Club

If you are wanting your child to have milk and Weetbix for breakfast,  please have them at school by 8.15am. This will give them time to eat and be ready for learning at 8.30am.

Hats and sunscreen

As we are into the summer term, all our learners have been allocated a school hat with a number. We do have sunscreen at school but we encourage our learners to apply sunscreen before they come to school please.

Lost Property

We have a large amount of lost property left at school. We encourage parents to come in and have a look if any clothing belongs to your child. In the future please name your child’s clothing as it will be easier for us to return it to the right family. If clothing hasn’t been claimed at the end of the year, we will donate it to local charity organisations.

Trophies to be Returned

Please can all academic trophies your child may have received last year be cleaned and returned to the school office as soon as possible, thank you.

Our Learners Creative Displays

New Enrolments

If you know of any parent or parents who have a child turning five soon or are thinking of making a change with where they send their child, please let them know we have places available in both of our classrooms. Direct them to me please for information about our school to help them make an informed decision. 

Nga mihi 

Phillip Otto and Motumaoho School Staff

Parent Helpline