“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Principal’s Message
  • 3 R’s Cup
  • Classroom Awards
  • Assembly
  • Zoo Trip
  • PTA Disco
  • Photo Orders
  • Calendar Art
  • Accounts

Upcoming Dates

  • 15th November – Rural Schools Athletics at Tauhei
  • 19th November – Interschool Athletics
  • 5th December – Year 6 Orientation at MIS
  • 18th December – End of Year Prizegiving
  • 19th December – Last Day of Term 4

Principal’s Message

Dear parents, families and whanau,

Kia ora kautou,

I can’t believe we are nearly at the halfway point of our last term of 2019. It has been great to see our learners engaged and focused on their learning. As the weather has been much warmer our learners have been outside enjoying the wonderful large spaces.

At the working bee, the school pool has been cleaned and we will let you all know when our school pool is ready for swimming. Hopefully not long to wait. I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and staff for your help and support with our livestock day, zoo trip, disco and working bee. Without this support we would not be able to provide our learners with these events.

The 3R’s Cup Winner

Week 4: Tegan Conn

Congratulations to Tegan, our cup holder for Week 4, who has displayed Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. Thank you for displaying our 3 values.

Classroom Awards to Date

Week 4: Rm 1 – Cole Keenan, Rm 2 – Andrea Rutherford & Cody Stanaway

Super effort by all of you and keep up the great work!


Our next assembly is Friday the 22nd November. We really appreciate the support shown for our learners at assemblies. At our last assembly the seniors shared their report writing about zoo animals which was well received and the juniors read a shared story to the assembly named ‘Number One’. It was such an entertaining story. Well done to all our learners.

Zoo Trip

Our zoo trip was very interesting and our learners learnt about a whole range of different zoo animals. Many children have mentioned the rhinos, spider monkeys and tigers as their favourite animals they saw. Below are two report writing samples.

Spider Monkeys

A spider monkey is a mammal. A spider monkey has white fur on it’s face with black and brown fur on it’s body. The spider monkey lives in rain forests in south America. The spider monkey likes to swing from tree to tree using it’s long arms, legs and tail. The spider monkey’s eyes are the cutest part of it. The spider monkeys eyes glimmer in the moon lit night. 

By Kayla Healy

The Rhino

The rhino lives in the zoo. The rhino is a mammal. The rhino eats hay. We pat the rhino. The rhino is big and grey. The mud keeps the sun away from its skin. The rhino is 25 years old and the rhino can live for 50 years. The rhino is as heavy as a car. The rhino drinks water and they feed their babies milk. The rhinos name is Kruger.

By AJ Latu

PTA School Disco – Farm theme

On Thursday the 7th November we had our school disco under the shade sail and large oak tree. It was cool to see many dressing in theme. To add, the hay bales were a nice touch. The weather was fantastic and our learners had a fun time dancing and playing to the music. Thank you to Michelle and our PTA for all the work you put in. Check out some of the photos!

School Photos Orders

A reminder that if you would like a photo oder, please have these in by Friday. Please ensure the correct money is enclosed or pay direct to Masterpiece Photography online. Details on envelope provided.

Calendar Art

This year our learners have completed art for 2020 calendars. There are also options for diaries, mouse pads, cards and sketchpads. If you are interested in purchasing your child’s artwork in any of these formats please send your oder form in to the school office by Monday 25th November. They are great Christmas gifts for family. The artwork is displayed in folders in the office reception area. Please come in and have a look.


We are almost half way through the last term and there are still accounts to be settled. All accounts MUST be paid this term. You are welcome to set up an automatic payment or please come and discuss your outstanding account with Mr Otto. Thank you to those families who ensure their account is up to date.

Nga mihi 

Phillip Otto and Motumaoho School Staff