“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Principal’s Message
  • School Staff for 2020
  • Continuing our School Values
  • Key Competency Focus for Term 1 and beyond
  • From the Board of Trustees
  • Assembly
  • PTA
  • Sun Safe
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Swimming Pool
  • Weetbix Tryathlon
  • Website, Facebook, Newsletter and Skool Loop App
  • Absentees and Signing in/out
  • Lost Property
  • Items for Donation

Upcoming Dates

  • 9th April – Last Day of Term 1
  • 27th April – ANZAC Day Observed
  • 28th April – Term 2 Begins

Principal’s Message

Dear parents, families and whanau,

Kia ora koutau katoa,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Noah and his family to Motumaoho School. I know you have made a very positive start in your first week of your learning journey at our school.  Welcome to Oona also, who began school at the end of last year and Harrison who has started school this year. Both learners attended the Kickstart programme and are now officially part of Room 2. I would also like to say welcome back to all our learners and families who have returned. It’s great to see you all and I look forward to another successful school year with you all.

School Staff for 2020

Angela Wainwright  – Office Administrator

Angela Henderson – Room 2 (Years 0-2 Teacher)

Felicity Roberts –  Room 1 and Specialist Teacher (Years 3-6 Teacher)

Anna Dewhurst – Teaching Assistant

Maree Moyce – Teaching Assistant

Karlen Sutton  – Cleaner

Phillip Otto  – Principal and Room 1 (Year 3-6 Teacher)

Continuing our School Values

Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. These three values are known as our 3 R’s. Staff and our learners have been brainstorming and discussing what our values mean to us and how we can work together to achieve these in class and out in the playground.

From the School Board of Trustees

We have opted in the the School Donations Scheme for 2020 that the Government has offered for schools in Decile 1-7. This is to help cover costs that have been previously covered by families. However, there are still some things that require payment from parents/caregivers such take-home components from technology related subjects, sport trips, after school tuition or sports teams and overnight camps (which are voluntary). Some of these things will not relate to our school.

Unfortunately there are still a few remaining unpaid accounts from last year. We request these accounts are settled as soon as possible please.

Next BOT meeting is on Monday 24th February at 6pm.


This Friday will be our first assembly for 2020. Assembly will start at 1.45pm. At these assemblies it will be an opportunity for our learners to share their learning for the week through work samples. Our senior leaders will lead the assembly as part of their leadership development. It is important that our older children have this opportunity of speaking to an audience as this quality will support them in building confidence through public speaking.

Class awards, the 3 R’s recipient and our Secret Spotter will be given out for the two week period.


We are currently in the process of finding out who would like to join the PTA. A meeting is being held today at school. Please let us know you want to be a part of our Motumaoho School PTA or if you have any exciting fundraising ideas for 2020!

Sun Safe

Our learners have been issued with their school bucket hat. Please look after this hat and leave at school, as all our learners must wear their hat to play outside at break times. Caps are not adequate protection so please keep these at home. We also have sun screen at school for children to apply before they go out to play but ask for families to apply sunblock to their children before coming to school too. We request that clothing which covers shoulders is also worn. Thank you for helping us be sun smart at Motumaoho School.

Lunch Boxes

We have noticed some lunch boxes full of packet items and even different types of sweets. Healthy lunches and snacks are essential for active children. It is important to offer healthy lunch box choices as eating healthy food helps children concentrate and learn. At Motumaoho School we encourage healthy food choices and often have classroom sessions run by Project Energize throughout the year to teach our learners about the different food groups. Please keep treats at home and the packets as minimal as possible. We do appreciate the effort that has been made in a lot of our learners lunch boxes however.

A reminder we do have Weetbix and milk available before 8:15am for our ‘Breakfast in Schools’ programme.

Swimming Pool

Our pool is up and running so please send your child with their togs and a towel every day. I know our learners have already been in the pool and the enjoyment on their faces is great to see especially on these hot days we have had. If you would like a pool key for your family to use out of school hours, please see Angela in the office. They are $50 and must be returned at the end of the season.

Weetbix Tryathlon

The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Tryathlon is being held this Sunday, 16th of February at the University Fields, Hamilton East. Today is the last day to enter if you are keen! Go to https://tryathlon.co.nz/locations/hamilton/

Website, School Facebook, fortnightly Newsletter and Skool Loop App

The school website is regularly updated with information about upcoming events.  All events will be posted in the online calendar which will show up under Upcoming Events. Please use this site, our Facebook page, Skool Loop App and the newsletters to keep up with school events and notices. Our school newsletter is sent home every fortnight on a Wednesday which is also uploaded to our Facebook page, Skool Loop App and of course the website. The office will often send group texts out for urgent reminders.

Absentees and Signing in/out

Please contact the school as soon as possible if your child is absent from school. We require a reason for their absence and will follow these up if we have no information from you. You can phone, text or use the Skool Loop app to report an absentee.

Also, if your child is late to school or you are collecting them for an appointment before school finishes, you need to report to the office and sign your child in or out please. Please remember if you have arranged another parent or family member to pick up your child from school, you must let one of our staff know. Please do not send this information in via your children, thank you.

School Office hours are:

Monday 8am – 2:30pm

Tuesday 8am – 12pm

Wednesday 8am – 2:30pm

Thursday 8am – 12pm

Lost Property

At the end of last year there were items left at school. Please have a look to see if any of these belong to your child.

Items for Donation

If you have any empty and unused 1kg yogurt containers please donate to our school. Also, if your child has out grown out of their bike and you don’t have a use for it now, it would be greatly appreciated if you could donate to our school for others to learn how to ride a bike.

Nga mihi 

Phillip Otto and Motumaoho School Staff