“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Principal’s Message
  • NYLD (National Young Leaders Day)
  • Classroom Awards
  • Clean Teeth Challenge
  • Our Learners in Action
  • Writing Samples
  • Livestock Day
  • New Enrolments

Upcoming Dates

  • 8th September – NYLD (Virtual Learning)
  • 23rd September – Soccer/Hockey Fun Day
  • 25th September – Term 3 Ends
  • 12th October – Term 4 Starts
  • 19th October – Livestock Day
  • 23rd October – Morrinsville Group Day
  • 26th October – Labour Day

Principal’s Message

Dear parents, families and whanau,

Kia ora koutau katoa,

As we power on through Term 3, I have been impressed with our learners engagement in their learning programmes. It’s great to see our learners are displaying our 3 R’s and have continued to embrace the passion of learning to a new level. I must congratulate you all!

Currently at Alert Level 2 it’s positive to see our learners and community following our health guidelines and I would like to thank you for your continued support for all we are doing to keep our community safe.

Welcome to Skyliah who started in our Junior room last Thursday. She has made a fantastic start and it’s great to see her wonderful smile in class and out in the playground.

Welcome to Skyliah! Our newest learner at Motumaoho School.

NYLD – National young Leaders Day

We have 4 of our senior students taking part in the National Young Leaders Day next week. This is an annual event that is normally held in venues all over the country with a fun day focussing on encouraging the leadership skills of our learners. Due to the current Covid situation, this event will now be run as a virtual day. Mr Otto will spend the day in the library with our learners working through the online resources that have been specially put together for the day. Have a fun day Liam, Kayla, Maddisyn and Savannah!

Classroom Awards

Rm 1 – Ihaia De Thierry,  Rm 2 – Oona Morgan

Super effort by both of you and keep up the great work!

Clean Teeth ‘Bright Smiles, Bright Futures’ 28 Day Challenge

Our Room 2 learners have been participating in a Clean Teeth challenge and we have some learners who did an extra wonderful job with the challenge keeping their charts up to date.

Congratulations Oona, Cooper, Tilli, Harrison and Taize!

Our Learners in Action

Room 2 – Learning music

Writing Samples

Here are some writing samples from our learners:

Three sheep sit and weep because they dropped their ice cream. By Oona

The boy got chased by the piglet. The piglet is going down the stairs. The piglet likes chips. By Taize

The happy fish lives in the sea. His name is Geoffrey and he likes eating from the ocean. He is scared from the whales. He is friends with the turtle. Does live in a rock pool. By Harrison

In Room 1 we are writing stories about the children’s book Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. The focus for our writing is to use a range of ‘wow ‘words to make our writing interesting. 

In a warm humid forest there was a magnificent mother fruit bat that loved her baby so very much she named her baby Stellaluna. The next night Mother bat carried Stellaluna through the misty air to get some delicious, juicy fruit but an owl glared at them and STRUCK! The owl knocked Stellaluna out of her arms and she went pelting down and she couldn’t flap her wings because they were as limp as wet paper, until she found a small branch so very small that her tiny feet could hold on. By Kayla

In a warm and sultry forest lived a mother fruit bat and her child named Stellaluna. On a cold and mystical night the mother and Stellaluna set off to go and get some marvellous fruit to eat. On the way an owl spotted them and swept Stellaluna off her mother’s chest. Stellaluna fell fast down into the dark creepy forest where she held on to a miniature branch. She stayed there because her wings were as wet as limp paper. By Maddisyn

Then Stellaluna hopped in the nest and asked the birds, “do you want to hang upside down with me?” And the birds agreed. Mother bird came back and saw 8 toes, then mother bird yelled “eeekk! Get up here this instance” she said to Stellaluna, “I will not let you in this nest unless you promise to obey the rules of this nest”. Stellaluna promised to mother bird that she will obey the rules of the nest. By Liam

Livestock Day

This year our Livestock Day will be held on Monday 19th October, Week 2 after the school holidays. If you are rearing a calf, lamb or kid to enter in our school Livestock Day please return the entry form tomorrow, thank you. Those learners who do not have an animal will be taking part in our craft/flower/vegetable display activities.

New Enrolments

We have spaces available in both classrooms at Motumaoho School. If you have a child turning five soon or know of any family who has a school aged child up to Year 6 who are moving into the area, please feel free to contact me for information about our school. I would be happy to help you make an informed decision.

Kind regards

Mr Otto and staff.