“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Learning Focusses
  • Learner Wellbeing
  • No Bullying – Pink Shirt Day
  • Ruben the Road Safety Bear
  • PTA Sausage Sizzle Lunch
  • Nearly 5 Year Olds/Kickstart
  • Assembly
  • Board of Trustees News

Dates to Remember

  • 21st May – Pink Shirt Day
  • 21st May – Ruben the Road Safety Bear
  • 21st May – PTA Sausage Sizzle Lunch
  • 4th June – CoL Teachers Only Day
  • 7th June – Queen’s Birthday (School Closed)
  • 15th June – School Cross Country
  • 16th June – National Young Leaders Day
  • 21st June – Teachers Only Day
  • 25th June – Inter-schools Cross Country
  • 9th July – Last Day of Term 2

Principal’s Message

Ngaa mihi nui ki a koutou

 Greetings to you all

 Gosh it is Week 3 already and we have packed lots into our learning days.

Learning Focusses

Our Context for the year is The Living Landscape – All Habitats Are Places to Live and this term our focus is on “ What is in our part of the swamp?”

We are looking at our local Motumaoho area and exploring and investigating through our learning styles (Kinesthetic – Body Smart, Interpersonal – People Smart, Verbal Linguistic – Word Smart, Logic Mathematical – Logic Smart, Naturalistic – Nature Smart, Intrapersonal -Self Smart, Visual Spatial – Picture Smart and Musical -Music Smart) plus developing our key competencies – Relating to Others, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing, Using Symbols and Texts and THINKING.

We have already in Week 1 helped Whaea Di to learn about our Maori history of Chief Wairau and his daughters Motu Maoho. We have discovered that the tuna food source in our swampy area of Motumaoho Piako is what attracted Chief Wairau from Northland to this area. We have learned a chant about the tuna and where they live.

We have also written a wall story about the Pakeha settlers history in our Motumaoho area with the development of the Cheese Factory as the settlers drained the swamp and began to farm it. The settlers also harvested the harakeke that lived in the swamp and a Flax Mill was built. The railway was built to take the cheese, flax and other farming resources and the people to the larger settlements.

During reading and writing we are integrating stories about Matariki and about the harakeke. We will be looking at narrative writing using the stories of Matariki and watching out for the seven stars of Matariki around the 19th of June. We hope our families will look up at the stars with their children to discover the seven star formation on clear dark nights.

In mathematics Room 1 is looking at fractions and how they are part of our everyday life. Whaea Di does cooking on Friday’s and we need to know about our halves, quarters, whole cup and teaspoon fulls and sometimes two thirds to make sure our recipe is successful. We hope the Room 1 Mum’s enjoyed their chocolate brownie that we made them for Mother’s Day.

Room 2 is looking at numbers from 0-5, skip counting in twos and place value – tens and ones.

Each afternoon we have a special learning focus: Monday – Visual art, Tuesday – Music and Movement, Wednesday alternates between Assembly and Body Smart physical activity, Thursday – Tikanga me Te Reo Maori and Friday is Enviro afternoon.

Science Roadshow

At the Science Roadshow we learned about the Community bird count so we made bird feeders on Friday afternoon to encourage more tauhou – silver/waxeyes to our school grounds. Thank you to those parents and caregivers who helped with transport and supported our learners on the day.

Learner Well Being

Our 3Rs and S are our cornerstones for our wellbeing – Respect – I am kind and caring, Responsibility – I make good choices, Resilience – I bounce back and move on with a positive attitude and Service – I am helpful and use my initiative.

Homai te pakipaki ki a Georgia who is the holder off the 3Rs and S cup.

Congratulations Georgia!

No Bullying – Pink Shirt Day

This Friday is Pink Shirt Day to acknowledge we are a NO BULLYING place and we use our 3Rs and S to ensure we practise those values all day, everyday.

Parents can you help us to dress up in Pink on Friday? We will recognise Pink Day with our dress ups.

We will have our photos taken and we will have a prize for the ‘pinkiest’ pink, Room 1 and Room 2 learner and for the learner who can tell us clearly what the main ways to react to a bully are. We will have some stories to help us with our thinking about this.

Reuben The Road safety Bear

Reuben the Road Safety Bear will also be at school that day at 10.30am so we will be interested to see what pink Reuben maybe wearing.

Friday Sausage Sizzle Lunch

The PTA will be putting on the BBQ for Friday’s lunch. Please bring the correct money in a named envelope if you would like a lunch order. Sausage in Bread $2 and Juicies $2. Only one Juicie per child please as there simply isn’t enough time to eat more than one during the lunch break.

Nearly 5 Year Olds

Whaea Di is really enjoying pre enrolling our nearly 5 year olds and meeting with their parents to welcome them to our great little school and to find out all about our new younger learners.

We currently have three learners transitioning on Friday in our Kickstart Programme in Room 2. We have also welcomed a new learner and her parents to Room 1 who starts after Queen’s Birthday weekend.

If you know of a nearly five year old or a new learner moving to our school in the very near future, Whaea Di would love to have a pre enrol meeting with them on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.


Our next Assembly is Wednesday – 26 May, at 1.45 pm. We love our parents being there to celebrate our learning and our key competency 3Rs and an S.

Saturday morning sports are well and truly here so enjoy your weekends and support your children to be team players, play fair and show their resilience and respect when things don’t quite go right.

There are no mistakes there is only learning.

Ngaa mihi koutou katoa

Whaea Di

Acting Principal

Board of Trustees News

The Board of Trustees has completed the process of appointing a permanent new Principal for our school.

It is my pleasure to announce the new Principal will be Tina Baptist. Tina is very excited to be appointed to our wonderful school and the appointments panel through their robust process and the guidance of our professional consultant have chosen the very best person for the position.

Please see below a bio Tina has sent me to be included in our newsletter. We will look forward to formally welcoming Tina to the school at the beginning of Term 3.


Ash Dewhurst – BOT Chairperson

My name is Tina Baptist and I am thrilled to introduce myself as your newly appointed Principal. I am looking forward to being part of the Motumaoho team, from the start of Term 3.

I am passionate about teaching and learning, helping every child grow as an individual and encouraging them to reach their full potential. My passion for education has taken me from South Africa, where I started my teaching career, to New Zealand in 2002. I have lived in Auckland and in the Waikato and have experience in teaching across all year levels from Year 1-8 in both city and rural schools.

My kiwi husband, Ron and I have three adult sons. Michael and his family are dairy farming, Ruan is an electrician and Thomas is an accountant.

Besides my love for teaching, I also love sport, reading, walking our two small dogs and spending time on our lifestyle block.

I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Tina Baptist.