“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Samoan Language Week
  • Learning Focusses
  • Learner Wellbeing
  • Enviro Learning
  • No Bullying – Pink Shirt Day
  • Ruben the Road Safety Bear
  • Nearly 5 Year Olds/Kickstart
  • Assembly
  • PTA Disco
  • Yummy Sticker Fruit Promotion
  • Teacher Only Day

Dates to Remember

  • 4th June – CoL Teachers Only Day
  • 7th June – Queen’s Birthday (School Closed)
  • 9th June – PTA Disco (Morrinsville Theatre)
  • 15th June – School Cross Country
  • 16th June – National Young Leaders Day
  • 21st June – Teachers Only Day
  • 25th June – Inter-schools Cross Country
  • 9th July – Last Day of Term 2

Principal’s Message

Talofa lava 

Greetings to you all

Samoan Language Week

This week is Samoan language week, so we are greeting each other in Whakawhanaungatanga time in Samoan.

Talofa lava – hello to all, Manuia le taeao = good morning, Oa maioe – how are you? Manuia faafetai – good thank you and Manuia le aoauli – good afternoon.

We hope Mrs Webb will come on Thursday and teach us a Samoan song.

Learning Focusses:

Our Context for the year is The Living Landscape – All Habitats Are Places to Live and this term our focus is on “What is in our part of the swamp?”

Literacy – Written Language

We are using the hamburger model in Room 2 to teach Recount writing of who, what, where, when and why.

Room 1 have used the books Eggs Eggs, Mrs Wishy Washy and Mops to help them understand the hamburger model.

In Room 1 we are beginning to teach Narrative writing using the Mountain model. We have used the books, Flit the Fantail and the Matariki Map and the Kuia and Spider narrative stories to help support this writing model.

On Thursday Whaea Di will be using a Samoan narrative story.

Ask your learners to tell you what this all means and how it helps them in their own writing.

In the next few weeks, we will be using the narrative stories of Matariki and will use the mountain model to write our own narrative stories.

Learner Well Being

Our cornerstones for our wellbeing – Respect – I am kind and caring, Responsibility – I make good choices, Resilience – I bounce back and move on with a positive attitude and Service – I am helpful and use my initiative, are the core of all learning here at Motumaoho.

Homai te pakipaki ki a Leon who shows the use of the 3Rs and S every day and all day.

Enviro Learning

We have checked on our bird feeders in the gully and they certainly were gobbled up. Unfortunately, maybe our tauhou did not get as much as we had hoped because we saw evidence of four footed rodent creatures having eaten them too.

We have been looking at the seed pods around our school grounds – the acorns, the sycamore seeds and the large pea pod cases, plus the dried harakeke flowers and how the seeds in these cases is dispersed so they can sprout in the spring.

We made our own helicopter paper parachutes just like the clever sycamore tree uses to disperse its seed.

No Bullying – Pink Shirt Day

Thank you to all our parents for supporting us on Pink Day. It was a day to talk about our Motumaoho Super Powers the 3Rs and S and when we are using and showing these, we will never be showing in our behaviour or words negative hurtful things.

We believe in keeping everyone safe physically and in our hearts and minds.

Reuben The Road safety Bear

Reuben and his supporter shared the road safety messages and we emphasised the walking touch along the fence line when we get into our cars at the end of the school day and during the morning drop off times.

A big thank you to all parents who are looking after the safety of our learners and making sure their child can get to their car by parking safely along the fence  line. Your child should be giving you a pat on the back for helping us all be safe.

Nearly 5-Year-Olds

Thank you to all the parents who have spent time with Whaea Di sharing their knowledge of your nearly five-year-old child. You are their expert and strongest advocate, so we need to have your wisdom to ensure a great start.

Our Kickstart Programme is on Friday mornings 8.30am – 12pm and a parent needs to stay on the school site. Our Library is a cosy place to spend time.

Please come and arrange with us soon to start your nearly five-year-old in the Kickstart Programme and do the enrolment if you haven’t already.


Our next Assembly is Wednesday 9th June, 2021 at 1.45 pm. We love our parents being there to celebrate our learning and our key competency 3Rs and an S.


The PTA are holding a disco next Wednesday. A flyer with all the details is also coming home today from the PTA.

Yummy Fruit School Sticker Promotion

The PTA have registered us into the Yummy Fruit School Sticker promotion for FREE sports equipment! Collect the Yummy cut-out labels from bags (each cut-out label is worth 10 stickers) and individual Yummy apple stickers for your school’s share of the $200,000 free DG Sport sports gear prize pool. Yummy apples are available from New World, PAK’nSAVE and participating Four Square stores. The more you collect, the more sports gear we get so get going and start collecting your Yummy cut-out labels and stickers now! A sticker collection sheet is also coming home today so you can keep track of your progress and your stickers safe!

TEACHER ONLY DAY – please remember school is closed on Friday 4th June this week. The Teachers from our Morrinsville eleven Community of Learning Schools will all be meeting together to experience some great learning in Cultural Competency from speakers and researchers.

Enjoy your long weekend with Queen’s Birthday on Monday. 

We will see you on Tuesday 8th June.


Ngaa mihi koutou katoa

Whaea Di

Acting Principal