“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • COVID-19 Lockdown Update
  • Welcome
  • Awards
  • Assembly
  • Better Start Literacy Programme Parent Meeting
  • PTA
  • After School Arrangements
  • Our Learning
  • Daffodil Day

Dates to Remember

  • 23rd August – 2:45pm, Better Start Literacy Meeting
  • 27th August – Daffodil Day
  • 1st October – Last Day of Term 3
  • 18th October – Term 4 Begins
  • 22nd October – Livestock Day
  • 28th October – Morrinsville Children’s Group Day
  • 2nd November – School Photos

Principal’s Message

N mihi nui ki a koutou

Greetings and welcome to you all. 

We are now all in Alert Level 4 which means that our school will not be open onsite for any students. This follows someone being identified with COVID-19 and who has been in the Auckland and Coromandel communities while believed to be infectious.

It is really important we do everything we can to keep our community safe. Alert Level 4 means we need to stay home in our bubbles and avoid any travelling as much as possible.  Supermarkets, pharmacies, foodbanks and other essential services will be open – but remember to wear a face covering if you are out and about (even a scarf wrapped around your mouth and nose will help). Check in using the NZ COVID Tracer App wherever you go and please also keep a distance from people you don’t know and wash your hands well and often, especially before and after using any public facilities.

With such short notice we weren’t able to hand out hard packs to students in order to support distance learning. We will continue to share ideas that you can use at home,  electronically.

Please go to the Ministry of Health website if you are in Auckland or the Coromandel region, or have recently visited there.  There is a list of locations the confirmed case has visited while they were considered to be infectious. If you were at one of those locations and at the same time as specified on the website, then please follow the relevant instructions to isolate and potentially to get tested. Please keep checking that webpage as new locations may be identified over time.

Our focus as always will be to support the learning, safety and wellbeing of our tamariki and we continue to be here to support you as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s kaiako or me, if there is something you need assistance with.


We are welcoming two new students to Motumaoho School. They are Zebastian, Sativa’s brother and Rhona, sister to Tilli and Oona, who have both started in the Piwakawaka Room. They have been supported by all our students and are settling well into the new routines. 

Week three of this term had a few surprises in store for us and unfortunately the stolen gates and fences were very disappointing to say the least. Seeing the shock on the student’s faces summed up how they felt. We are proud of our school and having people impacting negatively on our environment is felt by all. 

I do want to thank the Board for their quick support and to all who helped install temporary fencing to ensure our students are safe. To the grandparents who came in to add to the security, another big thank you. It was heartwarming to experience the community’s support and to even receive a small donation towards the fixing of the fences. We have kind people supporting Motumaoho School and hopefully the media coverage will help deter any further incidents. 


Congratulations to the following students who received awards at our last assembly:

Room Piwakawaka Learner – Miller

Room Tui Learner – Leon

The 3 Rs and S Award  Kimberly Beets 

Kimberly, as you weren’t at assembly to receive your award we are yet to officially present this to you and have your photo taken. We will get this done as soon as we are back at school and will share your success with our families.


Just a friendly reminder that our assemblies will be held every second Friday from 1:45pm-2:15pm. Our next assembly will be on Friday,  27 August and you are all invited. 

Better Start Literacy Parent Meeting

As previously mentioned, Mrs Henderson has started with the Better Start Literacy course and is implementing these strategies into the literacy programme in the Piwakawaka Room. The information meeting regarding this programme will be held on Monday, 23 August straight after school for about half an hour. We hope to see as many of our Piwakawaka parents at this meeting. 


Thank you to the hardworking PTA team and everyone who has supported their initiative by ordering Oxford pies. These were delivered and distributed last Friday, 13 August. Please keep supporting our PTA with their different events and let Michelle Evans or the office know if you would like to get involved. The PTA work tirelessly for our school and therefore for our children. 

Yummy Fruit Stickers

Keep collecting your Yummy fruit stickers to put towards FREE sports gear for our school! This finishes at the end of Term 3, so we need to collect as many as possible until then. If you require a new sticker collection sheet please contact the school office.

Family Photo Session Fundraiser

The PTA are also holding a Photo Fundraiser with Icon Photography on Saturday 4th September here at school. If you would like to have a family photo taken for a sitting fee of only $15 which covers the cost of one 10 x 13 inch photo, please return the slip sent home on Monday. We will then book and confirm your time. First in first serve – don’t miss out!

After School Transport Arrangements

Thank you to all the parents who have followed our guidelines by contacting the school early in the day to inform us of any changes to after school pick up arrangements. This has helped us to ensure the safety of our students. Please remember that we cannot accept a message delivered by a student or from an adult other than the parent of the child. Your continued support in this regard is greatly appreciated. 

Our Learning

We are always looking for ways to learn more about the environment that we live in. This can include the tiniest living things to the ones that are easily noticed. 

Maggie the Magpie – Last week we had a new visitor to our school grounds. Maggie the Magpie, or so we hope, has arrived on our field. You might have heard of Maggie before as she even has her own Facebook page. We have been helping her ‘owner’ to find Maggie. She has been out to our school to see if it is the real Maggie as her human and dog family miss her a lot. Stephanie Pickett came to talk with the students on Monday, 16 August. She was teaching the students about Magpies. We hope that Maggie will return soon to her dog friends.

Spider Webs

Room Tui ventured outside to observe the cobwebs covered in dew. These observations helped them think about describing words like delicate, silky, etc.  Here are some samples of their writing:

Today we went outside to learn about spiders and their webs. We saw a lot of webs. We saw a web on the playground, the grass, in a tree, on the fence and gate and on the bars. They were beautiful, perfect and pretty. They were so cool. Leon, Harrison and I found a big web. It was bigger than my hand. We were so proud of the spider’s work. We said: “ Good work spider, wherever you are!” We looked at the tree and there were lots in the tree. There were big, small and medium sized webs. We said: “That is really cool.” 

I went outside into the foggy air and went over to the black gate. I saw this amazing silver, thin and delicate web in the huge green tree. Next I went to the playground. I jumped over the side of the mossy playground and walked around to the metal ladder. There it was…a huge spider web. After that I walked over to the sandy sandpit. I looked on the roof and I found another web. 

Today I saw spider webs. They were everywhere. They were on the playground, on the grass and they were on the trees. They were on the path and on the sandpit’s roof. The spider webs were very pretty and beautiful. They shimmered and shone in the sun. They looked very silky. It looked like the raindrops and they had rainbow colours. The grass was covered in dew and the water drops looked silver. 

On a cold, foggy morning, Motumaoho School’s Tui class went outside and had a look at the webs that the spiders made. They attached the web to the gate, tree and there were lots of webs all over the ground. When I looked at the spider web, it reminded me of a sparkly dream catcher. It looks like a rainbow if you look at it from an angle. I love the webs. They shine and shine like silver medals. There are so many webs gliding in the breeze. Webs are very delicate. If you touch a web it will break and snap. The spiders put their webs everywhere. 

Art Smarts

We continued our learning about the Olympics by creating “Figures in Action”. We  used pipe cleaners to create figures.  The students then worked in tuakana teina groupings to join the pipe cleaners together before each student designed an action figure. Here are some photographs of the designs. 

Daffodil Day

Unfortunately, cancer impacts so many of us in New Zealand, with a heart-breaking 71 people diagnosed each day. The Cancer Society is here to help and support people with cancer and their whānau.  With your support, every dollar raised for Daffodil Day will go towards cancer care for patients and their whānau, education and awareness programmes, and life-saving cancer research.

On Friday 27th August we encourage all our learners and to wear yellow and bring along a gold coin donation for the cause. Alternatively you can also donate directly online via our personalised school page at: https://www.daffodilday.org.nz/motumaohoschool. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

Ngā mihi nui

Kindest Regards

Tina Baptist