“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Principal’s message
  • Athletics
  • Prize Giving
  • School Swimming Pool
  • School Photos
  • Enviro
  • 3R’s and Classroom Awards
  • PTA ‘Working Bee’
  • Future Show/Activities Trip

Dates to Remember

  • 18th November – Life Education
  • 2nd December – BOT Meeting
  • TBC – Athletics Day (Students Only)
  • TBC – December – Prizegiving (Students Only)
  • 13th December – Future Te Aroha Show/Activities Trip
  • 14th December – Last day of Term 4

Principal’s Message

Kia ora koutou

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through Term 4 and the end of the year is looming just around the corner. 

We would like to welcome Nicolas Jones and his family to the Motumaoho School community. Nicolas is already part of the Tui classroom and says he is impressed with the lovely lunches he is receiving here.

It is with excitement that we heard the announcement on Monday that we are back at Level 2 in the Waikato region. It does not change much here at Motumaoho School as we have already been following the requirements as set out by the Ministry of Health. We are fortunate to have such a supportive staff and community, working together to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your efforts by social distancing, wearing masks, scanning in and getting vaccinated. We are following these guidelines for each other and especially to keep our most vulnerable, our tamariki safe. 

Covid-19 is impacting everything we plan and do and when looking at our end of year celebrations, it is not much different. 


Unfortunately the rural schools athletics day held at Tauhei every year, had to be cancelled. We are in the process of organising our own athletics day. This day will include some of the more formal events as well as fun activities that will include our older students working alongside our younger students (Tuakana keina). More information will be shared later.

Prize Giving

This year our prize giving will not be presented as usual. We are looking into sharing this experience with you digitally. How this will look specifically will be shared with you in the near future as we are currently planning this. 

School Swimming Pool

Due to Covid-19 restrictions but also the current upgrade of the pool, we will be unable to open the pool over the Christmas holidays. This will however allow us to paint, clean and sort this area to be ready for everyone at the start of the new school year. How exciting!

School Photos

We would like to thank Alan Murphy for stepping in on short notice to help us with our school photos this year. We are always happy to support our local providers. Please remember to get your orders and payment in by Monday, thank you.


Sometimes the best learning happens when we least expect or plan for it. Last week we had three events that we didn’t plan for but that provided us with some amazing learning opportunities. 

The first event was when we could observe our neighbouring farmer in the next door paddock wrapping round bales. The whole school went out to the fence line to see how this was done. 

Here are some of the writing about this special day:

Yesterday, we went outside to look at the tractor. It was a hot day. The big bright red, green, yellow, grey, orange and black engine was turned on. The farmers were picking up the grass and were making hay bales. Wrapping the bales as they got wrapped in the trailer. I smelt grass when the big bright red, green, yellow, grey, orange and black tractors were baling the hay next to Motumaoho School. The baler picked up all the grass. By Harrison

‘The Day the Tractor Came’

Yesterday, I saw two big, huge tractors. One was a hay baler and the other was a mower. The haybaler picked up grass and made them into big grass balls and wrapped them in really long light green plastic and plopped them on the ground. It was amazing to watch. I felt the wind blowing on my sweaty hot face. By Zoe.

On Wednesday 10 November on a hot, roasting day all of my class, including me, heard a few exercising vehicles out on the farm. We all went to the window to have a look, instead of looking out the window Miss Roberts, my teacher said, “Let’s go outside and have a better look, then you won’t have to peek out the window all bunched up.” 

So we all went out the door and had a look at the noisy super vehicles. One had big spikes clawing all of the grass into a straight line for the other one to pick it up. It had green and turquoise and also hazel. I think it might be the wrapping for the grass, hay bales.

After a while the clouds looked pearl coloured and the super vehicles were finished so they beeped the horn to go off to another place. We all waved and wandered back to our work. By Daisy.

Last Friday, Charlotte found two little chicks on our playground and being so kind and caring, came to call me to help her save them. They have just started growing feathers and the two little ones were quickly placed into a container with cotton wool to keep them warm. Later on in the day, Maree took them to the vets who were going to look after them until a local rescuer could collect the chicks from them. Thank you Charlotte for taking care of our environment. 

Later on that day, we were amazed to see a swarm of bees flying past the classroom window. Here is a poem to explain this event.

On Friday a swarm of bees,

flew past our large oak trees.

“The swarm looks like a cloud!”

The students gasped out loud.


The swarm flew to the neighbouring farm,

so there was no cause for alarm.

A few sighs of relief

and faces showing disbelief.


Chattering and laughing,

questioning and wondering,

just to hear…

“They are back! They are here!’


The camelia hedge, 

came alive at the edge.

The bees swarmed the queen. 

On the leaves they were seen.


Resting there until nightfall.

The swarm was tired after all.

A long day of flying and protecting the queen,

gave Motumaoho something most have never seen.


Thank you to Hayley Arnold who posted about the bees on the community page. The bees were removed later that night. 

In the Piwakawaka Room the students were learning about the ‘C’ sound and used collage to create these beautiful cats. Well done everyone! Photos

3R’s and Service Award/Classroom Awards

3R’s and Service award: Jack McCulloch

Jack is always willing to help and doesn’t shy away from hard work e.g. pushing the rubbish bins back in or helping putting the bikes back into the shed. Well done, Jack. 

Congratulations Jack!

Room Tui:

Zoe, Harrison and Georgia impressed with their quick mastering of a new strategy in maths. 

Room Piwakawaka:

Rhona – for writing  the dominant sounds in words.

Miller – for progress in maths.

Zebastian – for using good manners.

PTA ‘Working Bee’
Important – For this to run under the current Covid-19 restrictions, you must wear masks, social distance and for health and safety reasons, please do not bring your children.
The PTA feel that we have a few things we need to do around the school to keep it looking tidy and continue providing an awesome learning environment for our kids. I invite you to come and join me for the first little ‘working bee’ on Thursday the 19th November from 4.30pm.This is going to be a bit of weedwacking around the garden areas, identifying weeds and preparing garden beds for the future.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brad Arnold (Ethan’s dad) 022 646 0011

Future Show Te Aroha/Activities Trip
As a special end of year event for our students, we are taking them to an interactive Christmas show in Te Aroha on Monday 13th December. More information and permission forms will be sent out in due course.

Ngā mihi nui | Kindest Regards

Tina Baptist