“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Welcome
  • Parent Meetings
  • Better Start Literacy
  • 3Rs and S Award
  • Supersmash Cricket Skill Sessions – Reflections by Room Tui
  • Ruma Piwakawaka – Linking Learning to the Environment
  • Lunches in Schools
  • Playground Upgrade
  • Swimming
  • Yummy Stickers

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday 17th March – BOT Meeting
  • Thursday 24th March – St John’s in Schools Programme
  • Thursday 14th April – Teacher Only Day (All CoL Schools)
  • Thursday 14th April – Last Day of Term 1
  • Monday 2nd May – First Day of Term 2

Principal’s Message 

Tēnā koutou katoa

It is almost impossible to believe that we are already halfway through the first term of 2022. I understand how difficult it can be to stay up to date with information regarding Covid-19 and the isolation requirements, I have included a flowchart to help you.


Welcome to Ashton and his family to Motumaoho School. Ashton is our newest member of Room Piwakawaka. We hope you enjoy the transition to school and making new friends at Motumaoho.

Parent Meetings – Whānau Hui

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the online ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings over the last two weeks. As teachers we found these meetings really beneficial and trust that you did too. Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask questions or to share your concerns and ideas.  

Tina Baptist: principal@motumaoho.school.nz

Felicity Roberts: f.roberts@motumaoho.school.nz

Courtney Smith: c.smith@motumaoho.school.nz

Better Start Literacy

Ann Beckitt ran a very interesting and informative session regarding the Better Start Literacy programme on Tuesday, 1 March. Please let Miss Smith know if you have not received the recording of this session, so that we can forward it to you. We are excited about starting this successful programme with our students in Room Piwakawaka. 

3R’s and S Award

These awards are presented to students who consistently demonstrate our values of:

Respect/Whakaute, Resilience/Manahau, Responsibility/Kawenga and Service/Ratonga

Congratulations to: Charlotte and Dylan

Ruma Tui 

Here are some reflections about our cricket sessions with Greg:

Greg, a cricket player, taught us how to play cricket properly. For a warm up we threw a cricket ball into the air and clapped as many times as we could and then caught it. I clapped six times. For the next game, we played snowball tag. One person needed a cricket ball to tag someone on the shoulder.  Cooper was the tagger and we all ran away.  Kimberly, Harrison and I were the fastest. I nearly won, but it was Kimberly who won. We also played a game of cricket and had to put the bat down. One person had to throw the ball at the bat and hit it. Then the person would be out.  I had great fun playing it. It was really hot that time and I was really sweaty because I had to run a lot.  By Daisy 

Today Greg, a cricket coach, helped the school learn about different cricket games and skills.We played a game called snowball tag. It was a game where you tagged each other with a ball. It was a warm up. After we did our warm up, it was time for batting. We took turns to hit the ball and bowl it. Greg made sure to let everyone have a turn. I found it exciting to do something new in school. By Lilly

On Thursday, 1 of March Greg came and I got to explain the second game to the class. The first  game we played was snowball touch. The third game was about catching. I got ten claps before I caught the ball. Then we bowled at the wickets and the closest ball to you, you get for the next throw. I stood on the path and other people in my class stood in a circle near the wickets. I hit the wickets. In the next game, I was the wicket keeper for the first batter. I got to bowl and field. Harrison got me out on his last ball.  By Leon

Ruma Piwakawaka

We are linking our learning to our environment:

Learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly can be very engaging and exciting. Spotting the eggs and tiny caterpillars was fascinating for the Piwakawaka learners who created their own lifecycle display after looking at the stages on the swan plants. Reading ‘The hungry little caterpillar’ was a must read with a sequencing activity to support comprehension and retelling of the story. 

Sometimes writing can look like patterns. Look at Jack’s lovely pattern making. 

Lunches in School

The primary goal of the Ka Ora, Ka Ako|Healthy School Lunches programme is to ensure that every student attending participating schools has daily access to a safe, sufficient, appealing and nutritious lunch. Students are given the opportunity to develop their experiences with different tastes and textures. We are lucky to have our local cafe Loxies supply our delicious lunches every day.

Playground – Papa Tākaro

Our playground upgrade has now been completed with all the rope work added. These photos speak for themselves. 

Swimming – Kaihoe

Our pool upgrade was also completed last week. Unfortunately the weather is making it a bit cooler but we will try to make use of the midday sun to ensure we can enjoy the water for a little while longer. Please continue to send your children to school with their togs and a towel until further notice.

Yummy Stickers

Please contact the office if you need another yummy sticker sheet. 

Happy birthday to you! – Rä whänau ki a koe!

Cooper celebrated his birthday last week. We hope you had a wonderful day Cooper!


Ngā mihi nui | Kindest Regards

Tina Baptist