“Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our learners are nurtured to reach their individual potential”.

In This Week’s Newsletter

  • Principal’s Message
  • Māori Language Week
  • Room Tui
  • Room Piwakawaka
  • Play turns to Science
  • Motumaoho Games
  • Reading with Rotary Award
  • Livestock Day
  • Calendar Art
  • Zoo Outing
  • Daylight Savings
  • Enrolments

Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday 28th September – PTA AGM
  • Friday 30th September – Last Day of Term 3
  • Monday 17th October – First Day of Term 4
  • Thursday 20th October – Livestock Day
  • Monday 24th October – Labour Day (Public Holiday)
  • Thursday 27th October – Morrinsville Children’s Livestock Group Day
  • Tuesday 1st November – School Photos
  • Friday 11th November – Rural Schools’ Athletics hosted by Tauhei School
  • Wednesday 14th December – Last Day of Term 4

Principal’s Message 

Kia ora Parents and Whanau,

We are nearing the end of Term 3 and it has again been a term full of great learning experiences in and out of the classroom. 

Māori Language Week

We have celebrated Māori Language week by incorporating a range of activities such as poems, waiata (songs), visual art (toi ataata), stories (paki) etc. into our programmes. Building on our understanding and use of words (vocabulary is always a focus). Do you know the meaning of these words?

Here is a quick guide to help you and your whānau understand Te Reo Māori :

  • Whānau = Family/Parents
  • Tamariki = Children
  • Ākonga = Students
  • Kaiako = Teacher
  • Tena koutou katoa (Formal greeting to a group of people)
  • Kia ora = hello to any number of people (informal)
  • Kia ora kōrua = Hello to two people (informal)
  • Kia ora koutou = Hello to three or more people (informal)
  • Mōrena or Ata mārie = Good morning

Room Tui created Koru Art to explain their family make up. 

Room Piwakawaka

Room Piwakawaka have been looking at and talking about the Queen over the last couple of weeks. We have enjoyed watching different clips of her, with our favourite being the one with Paddington. This interested us greatly and it was with excitement that we found some books of Paddington and we have enjoyed listening to them all. When Paddington lost his marmalade we had to help him find it! We were also lucky when Sue brought in the ingredients that makes marmalade so we could look and smell them. Sue also brought some homemade marmalade and some of us were brave enough to try it!

Play turns to Science

The sandpit has been the focus for many of our students over the last couple of weeks with volcanoes being built for the dinosaurs. Then this large volcano was built and with Mrs Nagel’s help, it erupted! What a great way to learn about Science. 

Motumaoho Games

We had so much fun during the Motumaoho Games and would like to thank all the whānau, grandparents and extended family who came to support our tamariki. In true Motumaoho fashion, we worked together across the year levels to participate in all the events. 

Reading with Rotary Award

Congratulations Georgia on receiving the Reading with Rotary certificate and book voucher for this term. Georgia has made outstanding progress in her reading. Vince from Rotary and Tracey from Paper Plus presented the award. Well done Georgia!

Congratulations Georgia!

Important Information About Upcoming Events

Livestock Day Activities:


As well as the traditional Livestock Day animal competitions we will have a gardening competition on the day. This encourages everyone to have a go and get involved in Livestock Day, which is a unique part of rural school life. This year the gardening competition for our tamariki is to create their very own grass heads! All students will create their own during the last week of Term 3, right here at school. The completed grass heads will be sent home on Thursday, 29 September to be cared for over the holiday period. The grass seeds should sprout within a few days if these are left in a sunny spot and regularly watered. The grass heads should be returned to school on Livestock Day, Thursday 20 October 2022. Entries will be judged on the day by independent judges to identify the grass heads that have grown the best mob of hair. A ‘How to care for your grass head’ information sheet will be coming home on Thursday, 29 September. 

Art and Craft Activities for Livestock Day 2022

Please help your child collect the following items for the Livestock Day activities.The items should be brought to school on Wednesday, 19 October. Please refrain from purchasing any items, use what is available at home or help your child make items from scrap material. 

  1. Sand tray, foil baking tray or something similar that can be used as a sand tray. Our theme this year will be ‘Farm Life’. Students should collect items that they can include in their sand trays to depict a scene that can be expected on a farm. Items may include plastic animals or figurines, stones, small branches to be used as trees, etc. Be creative, make items from cardboard, wood, etc. Please take note that the sand trays will be assembled at school. No need to bring sand as we will use some from the sandpit.
  2. Flower arrangementsPlan to arrange flowers in a unique container/vase. Be creative with what you choose to create your arrangement in. Find flowers and other vegetation that suits the container you have chosen. Bring the container and unarranged flowers, etc. to school on Wednesday, 19 October. Ensure the plant material sits in water so that they do not die overnight.
  3. During week 1 of the new term, we will create one of our art pieces. We will need lids of all sizes for this piece of art. Please continue to collect lids  at home and send them to school on the first day of term 4. 


The PTA are holding their AGM at 7pm on Wednesday 28th September (tonight) at the Motumaoho Lounge, Morrinsville Events Centre. It is always good to see new families so please come along if you’d like to see how the PTA supports our school. Everybody is welcome!


The student’s have been busy creating artwork that can be made into affordable:

  • Calendars, Cards, Diaries, Mouse and Sketch Pads.
  • Each product is made from your own child’s art.
  • These make unique Christmas gifts for family and friends and are perfect for posting overseas too.

Calendar Art is a fundraiser for the school. Order forms and art samples will be made available Week 1 of next term.

Zoo Outing

Next term we will be heading off to the Hamilton Zoo. This Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) event will complete our inquiry into living things and what they need to survive. You can expect further information, early in the new term. 

Daylight Savings 

Daylight savings has also just started this past weekend and it is a good reminder to check your fire alarms around the house. 


If you know of any new families in the Morrinsville area, please encourage them to visit our great little school. Motumaoho School has so much to offer. Let’s spread the word. Children turning 5 or those who will be starting school at the beginning of 2023, can now be placed on our pre-enrolment list. We also offer our ‘Kickstart’ programme that will help with transition from ECE to school.

For enrolment forms and further information please contact us:

  • Email: office@motumaoho.school.nz
  • Principal: principal@motumaoho.school.nz


We wish you a wonderful spring break with your whānau and friends. 

Ngā mihi nui


Tina Baptist