About Us

Motumaoho School can be located on State Highway 26, the Hamilton-Morrinsville Road, on the hill reserve.

We cater for children from New Entrants to Year 6. The school facilities include two teaching classrooms, library, playgrounds and fields as well as a ‘breakout room’, a solar heated swimming pool and Tiger Turf court where a range of sports can be played.

Motumaoho School creates a positive learning environment with high expectations for success. This success is achieved by developing appropriate guided and coached learning plans to accommodate individual differences and learning styles.

Our school is a safe, caring, kind and supportive environment for all our learners and our staff. Learner self-esteem is fostered by staff having deep knowing, positive, relationships with our learners.

Our parents, teachers and community members are actively involved in our learners growing knowledge and achieving through thinking and problem solving.

Our Vision

‘Motumaoho School is a quality-learning environment where our students are nurtured to reach their individual potential’

Our Purpose

Motumaoho School is a vibrant learning community where our children are encouraged to do their very best to strive for excellence, seize opportunities and value themselves and each other.

Our learners and teachers worked together to design our definition and expectations of the 3 R’s. Values are taught through the 3 R’s Programme. We are very proud of our values and seeing our learners’ role model our values for each other is unique to us and our school community.