Hedgehog Writing & Art

Room 2 used hedgehogs for our writing and art today. Writing:  The children watched some lovely video footage of hedgehogs from the TV programme Hedgehog Hotel and learned some interesting new facts to include in [...]

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Distance Learning Information – For Term 2, April 2020

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NZSO Visits Motumaoho School

Friday the 13th proved to be a very lucky day indeed at Motumaoho School! We had the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra come to visit us!! For an hour and a half the learners and staff [...]

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Free time in the pool!

It is wonderful to see how confident the children are in the pool after 5 weeks of swimming so far this term. Here are a few photos of the children enjoying their free time in [...]

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Relaxing in the water!

It is very important the children feel safe in the water. In this exercise Room 2 were learning to completely relax and feel at peace in the water. Harrison and Tilli have certainly mastered this [...]

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Humming in the water!

A good way to prevent water going up your nose when swimming is to hum! Here Tilli is working on her humming. Fantastic start Tilli!

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Kicking from the hip!

Here Cooper and Harrison are working hard on their kicking. We are working on kicking from the hip with long streamlined legs. Well done boys!

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Sharks in our school pool?

Harrison and Noah are awesome sharks!!

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Sea Week

Our learners have been involved in focusing on how plastic in our oceans are affecting our sea life. Here is an awesome mural that our Room 1 have been working on.

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Indie in action during her Kick Start lesson!

Indie you are doing so well during your Kick Start lessons. The Room 2 learners look forward to you joining them every Friday!

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