Team work in action!

Awesome construction and play with some of the new magnetic pieces we have in the Junior Room before school today by Ezra and Cooper!

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Year 5 Learners stepping into the role of School Leaders at our last assembly.

Congratulations Year 5 Learners! You did a magnificent job of being our School Leaders in the Week 8 assembly. Thank you everyone for sharing your writing on how much you appreciated the wonderful BBQ organised [...]

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Sanctuary Mountain Adventure for Junior Room

The Junior Room had a wonderful day at Sanctuary Mountain learning all about the native birds and trees. Rua the Ratter was a favourite memory! Lots of great learning experiences to explore once we were [...]

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Junior Room Children Relaxing in the Pool!

I was so proud of the Junior Room swimmers today! They were learning to relax on their backs in the pool. Such an important skill! The photos look fantastic!

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Junior Room children exploring the harakeke seed pods.

This afternoon the Junior Room children had lots of fun investigating the 'funny looking black things' growing out the middle of the harakeke plants. To their surprise lots of flat, oval shaped, shiny black seeds [...]

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Swim Safe lessons started today

The Junior Room children had lots of fun in the pool today with Alena their Swim Safe instructor.

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First Day of School for 2021!

The Junior Room learners had a fabulous first day of school for 2021!  

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Describing their natural decoration creations!

Congratulations Junior Room learners; you produced very detailed writing on your creations.  

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Junior Room Christmas Decorations from our school environment.

Congratulations Junior Room children for producing amazing natural Christmas decorations.¬†Pinecones from the bike track, leaves, sticks, stones and other materials from the school grounds.  

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Savannah sharing strawberries!

Thank you Savannah for picking fresh strawberries from your garden for all the children at school. Your kindness and thoughtfulness was much appreciated. They were YUMMY!

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