Room Tui's Reading During the first two weeks of the term, the students were learning more about the Olympic Games and its history. We integrated our learning into reading, writing, maths, art and physical education, [...]

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Tauhou – Our beautiful Wax-eye bird

In our Enviro Smart lesson this afternoon we started exploring more about the beautiful Tauhou birds that we are trying to encourage into our gully. We listened to their very sweet song, and learnt many [...]

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Pink Shirt Day Cupcakes!

Thank you Daisy and Cooper for handing out the pink cupcakes at morning tea today. You both looked wonderful in your pink costumes! Your superpower of Kindness is shining through in your beautiful smiles! [...]

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Ruben The Road Safety Bear joins us for Pink Shirt Day!

Stop, Look, Listen and Link! Ruben reminded us of this important Road Safety message. Ruben also reminded us to walk along the school fence line when we are going to our cars at the end [...]

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Enviro Smart – Making Tauhou Bird Feeders

Enviro Smart Motumaoho learners making bird feeders today. Why? To increase our silvereye tauhou birds to our school environment. Fun with peanut butter, seeds, a cardboard cylinder and a piece of harakeke. All biodegradable and [...]

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Wet lunchtime – Lots of fun sharing weekend stories

We are certainly one big family!

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Year 5 Learners stepping into the role of School Leaders at our last assembly.

Congratulations Year 5 Learners! You did a magnificent job of being our School Leaders in the Week 8 assembly. Thank you everyone for sharing your writing on how much you appreciated the wonderful BBQ organised [...]

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Savannah sharing strawberries!

Thank you Savannah for picking fresh strawberries from your garden for all the children at school. Your kindness and thoughtfulness was much appreciated. They were YUMMY!

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The finished product – just waiting for the baubles to dry!

Congratulations Room 1, your Christmas Wreaths look amazing!

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Christmas Wreaths ready for December 1st!

We had lots of fun making Christmas Door Wreaths ready for December 1st (tomorrow)!  

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