Welcome Back to School 2019!

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School Gala – November 2018

A few weeks ago we held a Gala Day which was a big task taken on by our PTA. Our staff, students and school families also played a huge part in the success of the [...]

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Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge!

Last week Mrs Hickford took a group of our senior students to participate in the Junior Tough Guy and Gal Challenge. This was the first time we have entered a team as a school and [...]

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Kick Start Programme

Kick Start into School Motumaoho School is starting up our Kick Start into School programme on Friday 4th May. This programme is for children aged between 4 and 5 years and is designed to give your pre-school [...]

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Camp – March 2018

This year our camp was held at Pirongia. Unfortunately due to a cyclone forecast we had to delay our camp and pack all our activities into 2 days instead of 3. But we managed to, [...]

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Yoghurts from Fonterra

Thank you to Jo from Fonterra who popped in to school for morning tea today and gave all of our students (and staff) a delicious yoghurt. TerraCycle and Fonterra have partnered to create the Fonterra Pouch [...]

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Sun Hats

Motumaoho School is very grateful to Piako Tractors in Morrinsville who have sponsored hats for every student and have had them beautifully embroidered! They are an awesome, lightweight, adjustable hat that will protect all our [...]

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Tennis Coaching

We have just had 4 weeks of tennis coaching with Clem from Tiger Tennis. The students have either learnt some new skills or have improved on their technique from last year with Clem. And they [...]

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Camp – March 2017

We had an awesome time on camp at Totora Springs this year. Thank you to our wonderful staff and parents for your support for our children over the days we were there. There were some [...]

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Fonterra Grass Roots Fund Supports Motumaoho School

Here is a neat clip about our school last year showcasing the Nextbooks that we have in our classrooms thanks to the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund. Motumaoho School students are very lucky having these devices [...]

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